Monsoon Special: This Scrumptious Corn Seekh Kebab Can Be A Perfect Tea-Time Snack (Recipe Inside)

Monsoon is almost here and we just can’t wait for the pitter-patter on our window panes, the sweet smell of rain-soaked mud and the pleasant nip in the air. We share a love and hate relationship with the season. While the humidity and water-logged roads could be irritating, what works as a great distraction is monsoon munching. Let’s admit – indulging in chai-pakode while enjoying pitter-patter on the window panes is really fascinating. That’s not all. In India, we get a whole range of monsoon-special snacks that amp up our chai session every single time. One such delicious option is bhutta. Corn cob, roasted on coal and brushed over lemon and black salt – bhutta undoubtedly remains season’s favourite.

But if you thought that’s the only way to enjoy fresh and crunchy corns during the monsoons, then you are surely in for a surprise. We recently came across a delicious corn-based snack recipe that left a strong impression on our minds. And hence, we thought of sharing the recipe with you. It is corn seekh kebab. Much like our all-time favourite chicken kebabs, here corns are mixed with different other ingredients to make soft and smooth seekhs, which are then roasted to perfection. Sounds delicious right? Then what are you waiting for? Put on your chef’s hat and rush to the kitchen to make a special chai-time snack for your family.

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How To Make Corn Seekh Kebab | Corn Seekh Kebab Recipe:

For this particular recipe, we need, corn kernels, khoya (mawa), chilli, ginger, few sprigs of fresh coriander, salt, black pepper, garam masala powder, cumin powder, turmeric, coriander powder and yellow chilli powder.

To begin with, steam the kernels and chop them into small pieces. Then mix the other ingredients and prepare soft dough. Now, put the mixture on skewers and roast until the kebabs look well cooked. Serve them hot with chutney of your choice. That’s it. Trust us the recipe is as easy as it sounds.

Click here for a step-by-step recipe of Corn Seekh Kebab.

Try it today and let us know how you liked it. And if you are looking for more such corn-based recipes to relish this monsoon, click here.

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