Nintendo Switch OLED is coming and will be hitting shelves on October 8th

The long-awaited successor to the Nintendo Switch, the hybrid game console has finally been announced and has gotten gamers hyped.

The original Nintendo Switch was released in March 2017 as the successor to the disappointing Wii U console.

The Switch blended at home, console gaming with handheld gaming on the go, which Nintendo was always incredibly successful with in the past, with the DS and Game Boy series of systems.

Rumours have been circulating about new models of Nintendo Switch since shortly after its release, mainly due to Nintendo’s history with revisions to their own hardware with models like the “New” Nintendo 3DS, and XL variants.

The New model features an improved screen

Rumours previously have pointed to claims of a 4K resolution upgrade in addition to other rumours of a smaller system.

Some of the rumours turned out to be true when a slightly smaller, handheld-only version called the Switch Lite was released in September 2019.

After much speculation about a “Switch Pro” Nintendo has finally confirmed the new system will be called Nintendo Switch OLED Model.

Despite Nintendos E3 presentation last month no new hardware was announced and they concentrated on new software for the system like Metroid Dread, Zelda Breath of the Wild 2.

Nintendo has announced the new system on 6 July on its official Twitter account, the new model appears to come in a striking white, as well the classic red and blue edition, but other colours are certain to be released later down the line.

The new 7inch OLED is the main focus of the new console

Less of a successor and more of a slightly enhanced revision the new model has a few new features most notably a much improved 7 inch OLED screen.

The New Nintendo Switch will feature a 7-inch, 720p-resolution OLED display, with is much sharper and has higher contrast than the current previous models 6.2 inch LCD screen. The bezels around the screen have also been slightly reduced.

Fans have been excited by the idea of a upgraded Switch since it’s release

OLED technology is well known for its use in mobile phones, OLED screens are not backlit like LCD screens and light is emitted by each individual pixel.

The system is roughly the same size as the original console. The New system will also be compatible with the previous Joy-Con however, some games and accessories like the LABO Toy-Con VR kit won’t be compatible due to the larger screen.

The Switch OLED Model will be compatible with current games, meaning you can play your current Switch library on the new system including your digital games.

The thin kickstand from the old model has been replaced with a much wider and more stable stand, for use when the Switch is propped up on a table.

An ethernet cable has been added to the dock which improves the systems download speeds as well as stability for online play.

The old kickstand was known for not being great

The internal memory has been doubled from the previous 32Gb which proved difficult to manage, the OLED Model will feature an internal memory of 64Gb.

Battery life has also been improved and will run up to 4.5 to 9 hours compared to the 3 to 6 hours on the original 2017 model.

Fans will have to wait a little while before they get the machine in their hands with the New Switch to be released on 8 October However, there is the possibility of shortages of stock due to the overwhelming popularity of the games console.

The New White edition is eye catching


The systems price has yet to be officially revealed but it is believed it will retail for around £350 due to the better hardware.

Detailed Specs

CPU: NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor

Display: Multi-touch capacitive touch screen / 7.0 inch OLED screen / 1280×720

Storage: GB eMMC 64 Gb

Connectivity: Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compliant) / Bluetooth 4.1

Removable storage: microSD/HC/XC (up to 2 TB)

Docked:Up to 1080p via HDMI in TV mode

Battery: Approximately 4.5 – 9 hours The battery life will depend heavily on the games you play.

What do you think of the new system, will you be picking it up at launch or stick with the original Switch? let us know in the comment below.

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