3D Skeleton Gloves for Adults



A Bone to PickIt’s official. The undead look is in. Are you ready to dive into a ghastly ensemble? Here’s the trick. You’ve got to keep your costume consistent. You can’t just paint your face and expect people to believe that you’ve just risen from your grave. You’ve got to think like a ghost, think about the things that ghosts like to do. Consider flickering the lights when you enter and exit the rooms. Carry around chains and groan as you walk around the house. Pile up chairs in the dining room when no one is around. All this will put you and the people around you in a haunting state of mind.??Product DetailsThese black gloves match with many of our skeleton looks. Slip them on your hands and admire the three-dimensional look the puffy paint bones create. Perfect for any eerie ensemble, the gloves might just be a staple in your costume collection!The Ghost with the MostTop off any skeleton costumes from head to, well… finger. You’ll seem like every inch the phantom when you accessorize this costume with these gloves. Whether you’re putting together an outfit for Day of the Dead or Halloween, you’re sure to be in eerie, cheery spirits!