5ft Animated Ghost Prop



Reputation Is KeyGhosts get a bad rap. Everyone expects them to be these dangerous, vengeful spirits who would like nothing more than to drag you kicking and screaming into the misty afterlife with them. Well, some ghosts want you to know that they are friendly souls! Look at this guy, for instance: He’s smiling! His upraised hands look like they’re waving. What better person to welcome your party guests or trick-or-treaters this Halloween? Hang him on a tree branch in your yard, or on your front porch where his pleasant expression will charm viewers – right before he drags them kicking and screaming into that misty afterlife. Old habits die hard.??Product Details??Bring a spook-tacular vibe to your home with our exclusive Animated 5ft Ghost Decoration! A realistic skull with glowing red eyes is set on top of a suitably spectral body made of gauzy, shredded white-and-black fabric. Two skeletal hands wearing broken manacles both beckon and warn. Approach if you dare!??