Adult Green Renaissance Cape



The Costume MVPPut on a cloak and you instantly assume a hundred new identities. You could be a village witch or wizard, heading into the forest to gather herbs for your remedies. You could be a princess or a fine lady, heading to a ball or running away on a desperate journey to save the kingdom. You could also be a knight-errant, riding out to find a magical sword and slay a vicious dragon.??Product DetailsChoose your adventure in this Adult Green Renaissance Cape Accessory! The long cloak is made of emerald green polyester velvet. It ties at your throat with matching strings and features an attached hood. Its long folds will flutter and billow behind you as you walk, making you feel extra epic.??I’ve Got ThisEmbellish any Renaissance costume of your choosing with this fantastic cloak! Be prepared: if any quests are being handed out, wearing a cloak will get you automatically assigned to it.??