Adult Poop Hat



Doodie HeadsHas anyone ever called you a doodie head? It sounds childish, but people call us a doodie head all the time. It feels like we’re in 2nd grade all over again. Like, really. Who calls someone a doodie head in this day and age. It’s like you can’t head out in public wearing a poop hat on your head without getting called names!Oh, wait a second. Do you think that people call us that because of this hat? It IS shaped like a doodie…Product DetailsWell, if anyone calls you a doodie head while wearing this Poop Hat, don’t be alarmed. It’s pretty normal. The foam hat is a dark, chocolate brown color and it’s shaped like the iconic poop emoji from texts and emails. It even has a pair of felt eyes and mouth to round out the look. It’s one size fits most, so all you have to do is plop this on your head to become a real doodie head.Just for LaughsOkay, so maybe the hat is the reason that our friends and family have been calling us a doodie head and laughing! If you don’t mind being called that, and if you like making your friends laugh, then this may just be the hat for you.