Adult Pumpkin Leggings



Having Fun with FearAre you ready to get into the Halloween spirit???It might be obvious but we’re at are right there with you! There are so many ways to celebrate all that is spooky all month long. You can start in a light-hearted way. Watch Charlie Brown’s Halloween special on October first while munching on a candy corn and popcorn mix. Drive to work while blasting “Thriller” and The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack. Pick pumpkins and go for night time walks while gazing at the moon and wondering about werewolves. Running out of ideas? Slip on??these Jack-o-lantern foil print leggings and people are sure to approach you to share their Halloween enthusiasm.??Product DetailsWith plenty of stretch and an elastic waist, these leggings are comfortable enough to wear while putting up your feet and watching your favorite Halloween flick while the shiny pumpkins??make them fun to slip on for a Halloween soiree.??In the Dark of the NightAre you ready to head out to into the fall air with a fresh spooky look? These leggings go great with Halloween sweaters, a simple black dress, or an over-sized horror t-shirt. So add them to your arsenal and head out to spread your version of season’s greetings!