Adult White Lace Skull Costume



Ghoulishly GorgeousYou’ve waited all year for Halloween to arrive, and it’s finally here! You can’t wait to celebrate! The amazing costume you’ve picked is easy get into, your hair looks perfect, and how all you have left to do is your creeptastic makup. Let’s see, that will involve painting your whole face, contouring, adding eye socket and teeth details and…wow, that sounds like a lot of work and you really just want to go party with your friends. Fortunately, there’s an easier way!??Product DetailsHave an eye-catching Halloween or Day of the Dead look when you wear your White Lace Skull Adult Mask! Pretty enough for a masquerade and chilling enough for a moonlit graveyard, the plastic mask is shaped like the cranium and upper jaw of a skull and has lacy cutout detail. White, diamond-shaped faux gems embellish the bottom like teeth, and red, orange, yellow and pink faux gems make the mask sparkle. Faux roses decorate the forehead and the mask stays in place via an elastic band.??See It to Believe It??A mask that’s both attractive and slightly terrifying? Sounds perfect to us! Wear it with a costume or on it’s own.??