Animated 5 Foot Headless Man Halloween



Don???t Lose Your Head!Do you like to be scared sometimes? Some people really enjoy the feeling of a good scare, while others would rather focus on happy things and avoid thinking about the macabre. When the Halloween season rolls around, our motto is ???Be Prepared to Be Scared!??? It???s a pretty safe bet that you???re going to run into something spooky during October, especially if you work in our office. The key is to remember that even if you???re startled by something that makes your heart rate spike, completely panicking won???t do you any good. You don???t want to lose your head (literally or figuratively) and end up like this guy!Design & DetailsWe wanted to design a prop that would really add some fright to your Halloween display, so we came up with this Animated 5-Foot Headless Man Decoration! Technically, he still has his head in skull form, but it???s no longer attached to his neck. However, that doesn???t seem to stop him from talking! When activated, this prop???s eyes will glow, and his jaw will chatter as he delivers his creepy messages. We???re sure he???ll make a fine addition to your seasonal d??cor!