Animated Mummy



Never Trust an EmbalmerOk, don’t panic. It looks like those cut-rate embalmers you hired to mummify you for your Egyptian funeral were, well, cut-rate. Instead of giving your a stylish wrap job, they cocooned you. That would have been fine, but it also appears that the archaeologists who dug you up thought that you would make a dandy addition to their home. You’ve got to set this right. Here come some strange little creatures carrying buckets and shouting about candy. One is clearly dressed as a tiny mummy! Quick! Wiggle around and groan to get their attention! Well…you got their attention but they’re just screaming and giggling and saying what a cool decoration you are. Plan B???Product Details??This exclusive Animated Mummy Halloween Decoration is sure to be a hit with trick-or-treaters! The mummy-gauze-wrapped body and the shrouded skeletal head look chillingly real. Hang him from a sturdy support and watch him startle the daylights out of visitors with his unexpected movements and sound effects.??