Black Bat Decoration



A Vampire in TrainingMost think that a vampire turning into a bat is a skill that they develop a little bit later on in their days. It certainly looks like a shapeshifting talent that might take a few decades to master, at least! It turns out that several vampires actually??start in their batty form and have to work their way up to the rest of the corporeal capabilities. Naturally, that means some vampire fostering has to happen. When in their adorable bat form, they need just a bit of help getting their wings to work! Hopefully, as a harbinger of Halloween, you can help out one or two of our batty buddies with their developing abilities!??Design & Details??Give a little blood-sucker the training it needs by bringing home this Black Bat Halloween Decoration. This little guy has a faux fur head and two beady little red eyes that look focused on the task! Its twin teeth aren’t likely to go into vampire mode any time soon but its face sure shows the signs of its eagerness! A wide wingspan is created with shiny, leather-like material, so give it a little poke to send it swooping around the scene thanks to the hanging hoop on the back.??