Black Lace Petticoat



Never Over What’s UnderYou know that saying “it’s what’s inside that counts?”. Well, when it comes to costumes, there’s a similar saying. It’s what under that counts. If you’re dressing up in an elegant look, you’ve got to think about the parts of your ensemble that aren’t going to take center stage. Any Victorian lady would agree! Now, most have us have left whaleboned corsets behind. But there is one costume element that’s adapted and survived through the ages, adding costumed looks at every turn. May we re-introduce… the petticoat!Product DetailsThis fluffy black petticoat is here to give your fit and flare ensemble an extra kick of fluff! Layers of lace can peek out from underneath your skirt and will give your whole look a more dramatic shape! With an elastic band, this skirt will remain a comfortable costume wardrobe staple for years to come!Casting CallAre you ready to see how many costumes one item can go along with? This unassuming piece can make any costume pop from the classic French maid to a tough, rum swilling pirate! Paired with circle skirts of all colors and styles, you can bring out the petticoat at any costumed event. Who knew a simple accessory could open up a whole cast of characters?