Cat Emergency Noise Maker



The Cat’s MeowWere you invited to another party? Of course, you were! You???re the life of the party, always ready to entertain with an impromptu game or round of karaoke. The only problem? Your world-class party attitude gets you invited to so many gatherings that you???ll undoubtedly attend, and your energy levels and voice can only provide for so long.When you planned to dress as a cat for your friend???s costume party, you knew you???d be asked to imitate your feline inspiration as well as start the karaoke craze. So, you started looking for ways to satisfy both demands without sacrificing your vocal cords, since you???ll need them for the following weekend.Product DetailsLuckily, you found this handy Emergency Cat Noise Maker! Save your voice for the more important parts of your party performance without letting down your fans. This battery-operated device features 4 classic cat sounds that you can use to delight any audience. Utilize each setting for different reactions or add some extra flair to your conversations with cat noise punctuation!Tricky KittyWhether you???re looking for a clever way to polish your cat costume, or you want to pester your pet cat, this Emergency Cat Noise Maker will do the trick!