Chained Ghost Animatronic Decoration



Beware the PrisonersEverybody listen up! This is very important. As we enter the haunted prison, there are a few things you really need to know. Pay no attention to the voices that screech “Hands up!” Don’t put your hands up. We don’t want??them to know that we’re here. Don’t touch any of the rusty manacles. They have an odd kind of power that you??definitely don’t want to learn more about. And most of all, beware the spirit who begs you to free him! He may try to convince you of his good intentions, but once he’s out of his chains, he’s coming for us all!??Product DetailsThis Chained Ghost Animatronic Halloween Decoration may lost his power to move around freely, but he has gained the ability to frighten the wits out of anyone who sees him! The skeletal ghost’s eyes glow red, and his chained arms move as a visitor approaches. Do us a favor and make sure those chains stay on. We’re not saying something would happen – but anything can happen on Halloween! Best to take precautions.??