Day of the Dead Mask for Men



Every Dead has Their DayOnce a year, on the Day of the Dead, the thin curtain that separates our world from the spirit world vanishes. Families travel to cemeteries and clean up gravestones to welcome their loved ones for a visit. You don???t want to show up for any Day of the Dead celebrations without looking your very best, do you? Your sombrero looks great and your suit is on point! Now you just need one last thing to make your outfit complete, the Men???s Day of the Dead Mask.Product DetailsThis dramatically painted latex mask has all the details needed to cross the bridge of souls from the spirit world back into the land of the living. Two oval eyeholes covered with mesh allow for visibility, while still maintaining the mystique and mystery of a spirit. The mask is a full-face mask and fits most people.Party Like the DeadYour favorite foods and snacks have been placed on the altar for the spirited shindig. Look, Abuela brought the pan de muerto you love so much! They have even provided drinks to help extinguish your thirst on from the long journey. Such a good family. Thank goodness you came prepared with your Men???s Day of the Dead Mask. You wouldn???t want to leave the spirit world without it!