Disney Flounder Kid’s Costume



Something’s FishyDo you have kiddos who can be just a bit bashful? Maybe they dodge around your legs whenever somebody is new or their loud laughter turns into a tiny peep when the neighbors are nearby. Of course, there is one time things totally change.When it is time to snatch some snacks during trick-or-treat season, you can see their true colors shine! If that???s the case, your kiddos might have something in common with an undersea friend of ours. All it takes is a friend in need (or the right kind of treat) and Disney???s Flounder goes from a shy little guppy into a fishy with ferocious fins!Design & DetailsHelp your tykes bring out all their fierce fishy fun with this licensed Kid???s Disney Flounder costume from Disney???s The Little Mermaid. This simple tunic slides over the arms and head and features Flounder???s face sculpted and embroidered on the front with fiberfill stuffing and careful shaping to create his iconic shape.Lightweight foam fins, a tail, and his famous head fin are all colored bright yellow and blue and attached to the tunic to complete your kiddo???s Flounder transformation. Plus, with simple hook and loop fasteners and a wide open design, it???s easy to swim in and out of in a snap!