Disney’s Flounder Toddler



Not a GuppyThere???s nothing wrong with feeling hesitant when confronting new things. Especially as a toddler. There???s a whole world of unknown stuff out there. And until they???re swimming in it, there???s no way to know if they???ll feel the excitement, a sense of adventure, or like danger is lurking around every corner.Luckily, your toddler has seen Disney???s The Little Mermaid. Watching Flounder swallow his fear and follow his best friend on any quest, they???ve learned what bravery is. So, while they???ve come to you with apprehension about their first trick-or-treat, you know the solution!Design & DetailsHelp your little one prove they???re no guppy when you order this Toddler Disney Flounder Costume for Halloween! The one-piece costume was designed with ease-of-use in mind. A tunic base constructed from yellow and blue jersey fabrics starts the costume.Flounder???s profile extends from the front of the tunic thanks to thoughtful sculpting achieved with fiber filling and embroidered facial features. Meanwhile, lightweight foam adds Flounder???s tail and fins to the ensemble. Spacious openings for the arms and legs allow your child to dress to their comfort and hook-and-loop fasteners secure the costume in the back.