Draped Gothic Cape for Women



*Dramatic Swooshing Noise*??Ok, so we need to talk about the fact that capes are a criminally under-utilized piece of clothing. We get why some articles went out and stayed out of style (looking at you, super-wide hoop skirts that didn’t fit through doorways), but cloaks are basically perfect. They’re dramatic in all the right ways, helping you make a fabulous entrance. They help keep you protected from pesky drafts. And honestly, it doesn’t matter if there are other reasons because we are too busy swishing our capes around over here.??Product DetailsLead the fashion revolution when you wear this sexy Women’s Draped Gothic Cape Accessory! The semi-sheer black fabric is made of a stretchy mesh blend of polyester and spandex. It drapes from a neck band and a silver-tone front clasp to float gently around your outfit, cold-shoulder style. Dracula, eat your heart out.??Queen of the Night??Flaunt your Gothic style with an original take on a classic item of clothing! We won’t judge if you decide to wear it beyond the costume party.??