English Nanny Costume for Girls



Order! Order!??Is your household a bit out of sorts lately? Is all that??constant running back and forth from school to piano??lessons to gymnastics leading to disarray???The kids won’t put their shoes in the right labeled bin, they won’t pick up their room, they won’t listen to a word you say. It sounds like you need a nanny???and not just any nanny, an English one!??English nannies are known for their strict rules, stern looks, and their ability to make kids take their medicine by sweetening the deal. British caretakers know how to take unpleasant tasks and teach kids to do them in an orderly way with a dash of enjoyment. It’s no surprise then that, upon learning all this, your gal says she’s ready??to step up to the plate and become the disciplinarian…at least for Halloween night! This Girl’s English Nanny Costume is cute as a button??and proper as can be. She’ll love to slip it on and dance around the neighborhood singing and dancing???maybe she’ll even team up with the local chimney sweep. Either way, you won’t believe the order she is able to impose upon??your house. Maybe??she??was the cause of the chaos!??Product Details??The first part of success is looking the part, and this costume has your gal looking buttoned up and ready to make (and enforce)??some rules! It features??a grey jacket atop a??long??navy skirt, a dickey with a red tie, and a??black, flower-adorned??hat. How charming! Make sure she adds??an??umbrella for iconic style, and don’t let her forget to brush up on her magic! It’s what keeps the other kids in line!??Practically Perfect??We think it’s a great sign your girl is reaching for this authoritative ensemble???it proves she is starting to take the rules a bit more seriously.??Now,??if you could only get her to stop drawing elaborate scenes on her wall in chalk!??