Gangster Imitation Knuckles Accessory



Packs a PunchDo you know what is really hard to find these days? Brass knuckles! They’re kind of a relic of the past. It’s also pretty tricky to find a bonafide gangster anymore, like the notorious personas of the 20s and 30s. But luckily, your Halloween costume is ready to revive an old classic, and you mean business! Get ready to update your look with the gleam of gold!Product DetailsSnatch up this??Imitation Gangster Knuckles Accessory, so you can complete your look and appear totally authentic. (Not to mention menacing!) Whether you’re planning on dressing like the leader of your posse or the muscles behind the whole operation, these faux brass knuckles will show the world that they better not cross you, or anyone in your crew for that matter. Now, pair this piece with a toy Tommy gun, a pinstripe suit, a fedora, and a pair of wingtips, and you’ve got yourself a great gangster-inspired look that you’ll love to wear. Put it together with a whole group of pals for a cool Roaring 20s costume party, and make sure no one makes a wise guy outta you! This accessory piece looks just like the real thing ??? but it’s a safer, much lighter-weight material than real brass, and it can’t do nearly as much damage!??