Girl’s Chill Out Penguin



It’s Always a Formal OccasionUnlike the rest of us who sometimes get Pajama Days or Dress Like Your Best Friend Days, penguins only wear one outfit…and it’s VERY fancy. They look like they’re always dressed and prepared to go to a big ball, the kind you see in a princess movie. We’d be a little uncomfortable if we had to wear dressy duds twenty-four-seven, but the penguins are very chill about it. You see, they know that they’re always the best-looking on any iceberg, which is a very relaxing feeling. It doesn’t hurt that their formalwear is made of soft feathers.??Product DetailsBe the cool and confident belle of the penguin ball in this Girl’s Toddler Chill Out Penguin Dress Costume! The cute and sassy outfit consists of a knee-length dress with tons of sweet details. Its bodice is black with a white inset that looks like an Emperor penguin’s tummy, and an oversized red bow tie is sewn just below the collar. The elbow-length black sleeves are trimmed with white to resemble wings (and just like penguins’ wings, they are incapable of flight – sorry!) Black pannier-style scallops decorate the waist. The skirt has a white under layer trimmed with ruffly black mesh, and overlaid with white mesh. Pull the attached hood up to show off your penguin facial features, including a stuffed yellow beak!??You’re InvitedNo need to go to Antarctica to see the March of the Penguins. Antarctica comes to you in the form of this cute dress! Once you try it on and realize how fun and easy it is to wear, you’ll understand why penguins are so laid-back.??