Harry Potter Hufflepuff Rugby Stripe



Strength of FoundationYou are a proud Hufflepuff; hardworking, kind, and true to a fault. Everything from your bedding to your wardrobe is a visual testament to that. However, sometimes the “Hufflepuff are a bunch of duffers,” rhetoric gets you feeling down. It can make it hard to confidently wear Hufflepuff’s sunny yellow and striking black wherever you go. At times like that a reminder of what makes Helga Hufflepuff’s noble house a strong one would be helpful to get you standing as fierce as the golden badger you call mascot. That’s where these Harry Potter Hufflepuff Rugby Stripe Crew Socks come into play!Product DetailsStart your day feeling as royal as Hogwarts co-founder, Helga Hufflepuff when you add these officially licensed socks to your collection! The one-size-fits-most knit socks feature an alternating yellow and heather-grey stripe from ankle to toe. A black and white knit badger graphic decorates the ankle of each sock, so you’ll feel hugged by the stout mascot. Meanwhile, the words Hufflepuff and Dedication-Patience-Loyal, adorn the sole of each sock. With three core house traits at the base of all your everyday outfits or stunning Hufflepuff cosplays, every casual event or thrilling adventure is sure to start with a strong foundation!