Harry Potter Ravenclaw Face Mask



The Greatest TreasureAre you a proud recipient of wit beyond measure? Well, isn’t that fine! Ravenclaw students are always bound for something rather grand but we bet they end up some pretty interesting places as well. For instance, we’re thinking that the first wizarding comedians probably come from Ravenclaw. We didn’t get to meet many funny Ravenclaw students when Harry Potter was in school but we bet there have always been some whip-smart people cracking some jokes in the common room. From novelists to politicians and professors, it would be so nice to meet more Ravenclaws! Now you can name yourself as a proud Ravenclaw student with this dignified Ravenclaw face mask gator!Product DetailsThis flexible face mask has a timeless navy and white striped background. The shield in the middle has a bird perched smartly on a rock and it’s framed with a helmet and turning filigree. The shield is labeled with Ravenclaw below. This gator works well for keeping your face warm on windy days or covering your face and nose to stem the spread of germs.??Wizarding wardrobeIt’s fun to have a handful of accessories that flaunt your wizarding interests. Pair this Ravenclaw gator with a variety of our Wizarding World goodies and you’ll look as smart as you feel!