Johanna Parker Silly Bones Spooks



Happy BonesThere aren’t many things in the world that can make the undead??happy. (The whole being dead thing is usually quite a downer.) But, when a skeleton manages to find something that they really love, it can bring a pretty grand smile to their face. Of course, sometimes we find that it can do more than just bolster their??smile. It’s strange to think of a chubby skeleton, but sometimes there’s truth to what they say about being big-boned!??Product Details??If a festive spooky season is what you’re looking for, there is no better mascot than this Silly Bones Spooks Jar by Johanna Parker. This 6.5 inch, hand-painted jar is designed to look like a ballooned skeleton in a pair of checkered pants and a bright bow tie and top hat. It’s the perfect size to hold some of your favorite treats or knickknacks and the smile Silly Bones wears will be enough to get anyone ready to celebrate.??