Lavender Tutu for Girls



Tu-Tu Cool for SchoolYour kid doesn’t need to wait for Halloween to play dress-up! She loves to come home from class and deck herself in a wide array of outfits, from fairy princesses to peppy cheerleaders to movie star mavens to rootin’ tootin’ cowgirls. You name it, and your girl probably has an outfit to go with it!A gal??like yours needs a well-stocked closet full of costume essentials???like this Girl’s Lavender Tutu! Not only will it create the perfect base for her classic ballerina Halloween costume, but it will prove a piece she can layer with endless looks in the future!Product DetailsYour little one always dares to be a little different, which is why she adores the lavender color of this tutu; it’s a refreshing change from traditional ballet pink! This skirt has an elastic waistband and layers of purple tulle. Pair it with a matching bodysuit or encourage her to really break conventions with a leopard-print leotard???she likely has one laying around her closet already!All Dressed Up and Everywhere To GoThe best thing about Halloween (as opposed to the 364 other days a year that she loves to get into costume) is all the parties and festivities at hand! Your child will absolutely adore showing off her new purple tutu. We sense her next birthday party will be all dress-up themed! Good luck.