Long Arm Creepy Clown Boy’s



Here It Comes??Did you see that? Lurking in the shadows over there, with a wide, unpleasant grin showing lots of fangs. It’s definitely a clown: possibly an angry spirit appearing as an evil circus performer. That’s never what you want to see while you’re on a an unfamiliar street late at night. Let’s walk a little faster. Oh no, it’s following! Pick up the pace! Ok, the good news is that we’ve gained a small lead on it. The bad news is that the lead doesn’t matter because it has an insane ability to reach.??Product DetailsTap your friends on the shoulders and watch them jump in fright when you wear this Illusion Long Arm Creepy Clown Boy Costume! The one-piece jumpsuit made of comfy cloth has extra-long sleeves that end in fake hands. Sewn-on black suspenders and red pom-poms add to the “nightmare circus” feel. The pants portion has printed vertical red and white stripes and details that make it look pre-dirtied. Add the white latex mask with its red synthetic hair and wide, bloody grin.??Terror Under the Big Top??Come one, come all to see the greatest show in the world! Prepare to be dazzled by the sight of a clown who can stretch his arms to impossible lengths. He’ll use his talent to perform lots of tricks…and for the grand finale, he’ll grab a bunch of audience members and disappear. It’s the kind of performance you’ll never forget (even if you wish you could)!??