Lucite Be Mine Heart Stud Earrings



Step Aside, Cupid!Oh look, it’s your crush! What a cutie! The problem is, you’re not sure that he even knows that you exist. You have two options: You could cross all of your fingers and toes and wish to Cupid and Aphrodite and any other love patron you can think of that he’ll finally notice you and ask you out….or you could march confidently up to him in your fabulous, accessorized outfit and blind him with your charm and wit. No arrow-shooting baby matchmaker necessary!??Product Details??These Be Mine Heart Lucite Earrings are real conversation starters! This sweet set evokes the old-fashioned candy hearts you used to love passing around at school. Made of hypoallergenic plastic, they are perfect for sensitive ears. The two-toned pink will give your romantic outfit just the right amount of fun.??Happily Ever After??Connecting with your person is about being confident in yourself and embracing your quirky side. With this pair of sassy earrings, you’ll have your crush saying “I’m Yours!” in no time!??