Lucite Queen of Hearts Drop Earrings



Royal at Heart??Not all queens sit on thrones. Most queens are the ones showing up every day, ready to risk their hearts and find love. They reach out to others and care for the people in their lives. If you’re one of those people committed to being kind and awesome, we think you should show off your royal status! If wearing a tiara everyday isn’t your thing, these sweet little earrings might be just right.??Product DetailsThis is the one time that showing everyone your hand is a good thing! These adorably unique Queen of Hearts Drop Earings have hypoallergenic plastic posts on their red plastic bases. A dainty charm shaped like a playing card dangles from each stud. The charms are decorated with classic Queen of Hearts graphics on each side.??The Winning Hand??A fabulous accessory is like having the highest trump card in the deck. These cute earsing will make you feel like the queen you are every time you wear them.??