Men’s Skimmer Hat



You’re the TopBack in the golden age of Hollywood, when the screen was still silver, movie producers really took the musical interludes seriously. Take Fred Astaire, master of musical leads, for instance. He was taking dance lessons at age four and dancing professionally at six. By the time he was starring in movies, he had his moves perfectly timed for the big screen.While we might have lost some of our enthusiasm for dancing and musical interludes through the years, there’s one clothing duo that shines through from the silver screen era. That’s the hat and cane! Rolling that hat down your hand is a trick that’s stuck out through the generations, becoming an instant trademark of the retro Hollywood type! Are you ready to take on some of that suave style? You’re in the right place!Product DetailsThis retro skimmer hat brings summers on The Riviera to mind. While it’s made of molded plastic, it’s designed after an old-fashioned straw hat. Perfect for the Fourth of July, this lightweight hat is the perfect way to transform your dapper outfit into a real costume. All you have to do now is try and learn some of those Fred Astair moves, once and for all!