Men’s Soul Taker Costume



Does a Soul Taker get any special powers? Well, besides the ability to take souls (at least we assume that would be the main power, hence the whole “Soul Taker” name and all). Based on the look, we can feel reasonably certain that one of his powers is being scary, which is fine but not really an exciting power, you know? Not like flying or invisibility for example. Can the Soul Taker fly? Jury is still out on that one. Let’s call it a maybe. Ummm… what else… Oh! Maybe the Soul Taker can turn into a ghostly mist and travel through walls! Actually, maybe not. That sounds like a lot of work for some mist.Alright so maybe the cool thing about the Soul Taker is actually the taking of souls. What do you get to do with them? Can you sell them? That’s a very valuable power! Imagine, you’re standing in line at your favorite pizza place and realize you left your wallet in your other robes. What are you going to do? Go all the way back home without pizza? Yeah right! You’re the Soul Taker! So you take the soul of the guy in front of you and sell it for a slice of pizza. What happens to the guy whose soul you took? Who cares! You got pizza! Everybody wins… sort of. So get to taking souls, you little Soul Taker rascal you! They aren’t going to take themselves! And once you’ve collected up enough, sell them for a tidy profit, or season tickets to your favorite team, or… well you can buy pretty much anything with the right soul. Don’t let it, or this costume, go to waste!