Plus Size Men’s Sinister



Not Safe AnymoreWe’ve all heard about that one midwestern town with murder-y cornfield inhabitants, but that’s just one field, right? All other crop rows are nice and safe, thanks to their on-duty scarecrows. The straw men with big smiles watch over the corn, beans, potatoes and more to make sure that harvest is always protected. But what happens if one scarecrow gets restless…or resentful? Maybe he decides that he doesn’t really want to hang from a stake and be bored all day long. Maybe he thinks that it’s the??farmer’s turn to do a little crow scaring!??Product DetailsIt’s safe to say that not only the crows will be scared away when you wear your Plus Size Sinister Scarecrow costume! The one-piece jumpsuit fastens up the back and is made of one hundred percent polyester and is designed to look like two separate pieces of clothing. The top is printed with brown-and-cream-checked sleeves and sides, with a center denim-colored inset resembling the top of a pair of overalls. The legs are also denim-colored with a false fly and false pockets. A pair of brown gloves pull over your hands and feature extra-long fiber-filled fingers that look just right for snatching at possible victims through the cornstalks. The matching brown pullover hood is trimmed with raffia and secures to the included mask.??Fall Fun???The harvest moon is up and it’s a clear autumn night. What a great evening for a hayride…or for hunting hayriders! Whatever floats your boat.??