Plus Size Women’s Floral



Have It All (And Look Amazing!)??Most costumes make you choose between being scary and being gorgeous. You can either be a moaning, shuffling, brain-munching zombie, OR you can be a pretty superstar and there’s no in-between. Well, guess what? Rules were made to be reinvented and played with. Why not take a classic creepy look and make it alluringly flirty? After all, one of the most fun things you can do is take what’s expected and turn it into something that defies expectations!??Product DetailsGive “pushing up daisies” a new meaning when you wear this Plus size Floral Skeleton Costume for Women! The sweetly spooky outfit contains a long-sleeved bodysuit made of soft, snug and breathable black fabric that flatters you perfectly. It’s printed all over with graphics on the front and back. The torso shows a skeleton’s ribcage, spine, and pelvic bones overlaid with pastel and crimson roses with trailing leaves. The sleeves are printed with upper and lower arm bones which are also overlaid with pretty florals. Pull on the included thigh-high stockings which have graphics of the upper and lower leg bones embellished with roses and green foliage.??Deceased and DazzlingThe undead like to party too, you know! Just like humans, they want to put their best foot (or foot bone) forward when it comes to dressing up for a celebration. All of the other skeletons will feel a little sheepish that they didn’t think to wear a getup as glamorous as yours is!??