Premium Werewolf Costume for Kids



A Wolf in Kid’s ClothesHave you ever been… suspicious? You know, of your child? The strange, animal-like sounds they make. The way they devour their snacks like some kind of… beast. And they way they always get excited during a full moon. It’s almost as if they’re a werewolf, but they haven’t quite made the transformation yet.Well, maybe it’s time to let them indulge in their inner wolf! Yep, if they want to be a werewolf, we think it might just be time! Maybe it’s time to let them howl and the moon and make their final transformation into a werewolf! Of course, it all starts with a great costume that lets them unleash their inner beast on the world! It comes with everything your little one needs to look like a werewolf this Halloween season!Product DetailsThis kid’s werewolf costume helps your child embrace their inner wolfman! The costume comes with a flannel shirt that has an attached gray shirt front. The sleeves are made out of faux fur material to give your child a furry new style. The pants are designed to look like jeans with a simple catch! They have fur bottoms to assist your child with their transformation. The gloves are covered in a layer of faux fur and to finish the whole thing off, it comes with a molded wolf mask that’s also covered in faux fur. It all combines for a look that any little werewolf wannabe will love!One of the Classics!It seems like these days, costumes are moving more and more to movie characters! This Premium Werewolf Costume carries on the age-old tradition of classic scary costumes. If your child wants an outfit that’s been passed on through the Halloween generations, then this frightening costume is definitely a leader of the pack!