Scallywag Pirate Costume for Men



It takes a long time to work your way up the ranks of a legit pirate crew. If you’ve just enlisted, then we’re sure you’re still working the ship as a deckhand, aka sea scum. You probably spend most of your time scrubbing the decks and don’t even get to have a sword. We’re not cool with that, and you shouldn’t be either. It’s time for an upgrade!Upgrade your lot in life, and your style with this scallywag pirate costume. Scallywag is the next rung up from deckhand, after all, and the best way to make sure you get to show off all of your skills and talents. You know, like the fact that you can swing your sword with the best of em… and that your salty gaze is known to make soldiers dive overboard when they see you staring them down!This costume is styled as a shirt and attached vest combo, along with striped pants, boot tops, sash, head tie and belt. Add a cutlass sword and maybe an??eye patch??to this costume, and you’ll be the bucco that everyone’s buzzing about! With this bold get-up, you’ll probably even get the attention of the captain. Not that it matters. It’s only going to be so long before you throw him overboard anyways. Because once you move up from scallywag to first mate, well, you’re only one mutiny away from running your own pirate ship!