Sheer Celestial Gloves



Magical MittsBeing a spellcaster has lots of perks. You can help people or scare people depending on your mood, and even your clothing is magical! Ordinary mortals don’t have the luxury of ordering gloves that glamor their hands and make them extra attractive, but you do! Winning “best-dressed” at the sorcerers’ ball will be a walk in the park.??Product Details??Need a helping hand with putting together an amazing costume? These Short Celestial Sheer Gloves will do the trick! Made of see-through black nylon and spandex lace, each glove stretches easily over your fingers and palms and end at about the middle of your forearm. The backs of each are sewn with mystical-looking desgins, including lunar phases, all-seeing eyes, and lots of flora and fauna.??Don’t Judge a Witch by Her GlovesAre you a good witch or a bad witch? What you do with your powers of fashion is completely up to you!??