Standing Animated Witch Decoration



Don’t Listen to the WitchHistorically speaking, no good comes from trusting a witch. “Trust me!” they say. “I built this gingerbread house just for little children like you! Pay no attention to the iron cage scattered with human bones!” Or sometimes, it goes more like, “Try an apple, my pretty? What? No, of course it’s not poisoned! I have great self-esteem and am certainly not jealous of you for being the fairest in the land.” With that in mind, do try not to take advice or suggestions from this evil lady – unless she tells you to have a happy Halloween!??Product Details??Perfect your seasonal decorations with this Scary Animated Standing Evil Witch! The hook-nosed, glowing-eyed baddy wears a gown of tattered black material and a pointed black hat draped with a ripped veil. One outstretched hand holds a shiny read apple, while the other one beckons with claw-like fingers. Plug her into the wall and she will terrify bystanders with seasonal greetings!??