Victorian Babydoll Women’s



Such a Bargain!??Oh cool, a Victorian doll! What an amazing flea market find. It just needs a little dusting off, and then it’s (almost) good as new. Maybe it’s valuable! Actually, it probably WOULD be valuable, if it weren’t for that pesky demon that clearly lives inside it. That’s the only explanation for the random dead crows, the words written in drippy blood on the living room wall, and the fact that all of the other toys in the nursery keep levitating at three in the morning. That will hurt the resale value for sure.??Product DetailsWatch out, all you other dolls, because this scary lady is on the warpath! This terrifyingly fun Victorian Babydoll Dress for Women will transform you into the stuff of nightmares this Halloween. The costume includes a dainty pullover minidress made of one hundred percent pink polyester patterned with tiny white dots. The babydoll-style bodice is decorated with faux buttons and lacy sleeves. Its hem ends at mid-thigh and is embellished with printed stitch detail as well as raggedy gray lace that looks a little like cobwebs. With just the right mix of sweet and spooky, it’s perfect for playing up with creepy face paint, an oversized bow, and a faux weapon.??Trouble in the Toy BoxThis doll clearly doesn’t care about not letting the household know that she can move on her own. In fact, she’d really rather they all left for good so that she can move around all she wants! Halloween is the perfect time to execute her plan. It will be a Halloween to remember!??