Women’s Floral Bodysuit Skeleton



A Bone to PickEver since you can remember, you???ve had a hard time reconciling your different tastes. You love horror but you also love gardening, but there just aren???t that many garden-themed horror movies. We can only really think of ???Shears of Death,??? and let???s be honest, it was pretty B-grade level. (We won???t even go into its dismal sequel, ???Shears of Death: The Mowing.???) You???ve always dreamed of going to a haunted flower garden maze, but the best you can find are corn mazes, and there isn???t a beautiful bloom in sight. Your house is a stark contrast: half of it is covered in beautiful, airy flowers with light pastel colors and gauzy curtains, while the other half is as black as night, with black furniture and black floors and even black lights. You just can???t find an interior decorator who can do both, so you???ve had to settle on splitting it down the middle. Your neighbors definitely give your house weird looks, since half of it is painted pink and half is painted black. But what can you do? Will there ever be anything??? like maybe a costume??? that can combine both flowers and bones? Or is it just a broken dream?Product DetailsBring some scary good style to your next costume party with this Womens Floral Skeleton Costume. The long-sleeved black leotard features a realistic white skeleton print covered in beautiful red and pink flowers. There are also thigh-high leggings that are covered in bones and flowers as well to complete the look!Frightfully BeautifulWith this costume, you don???t have to choose between blooms or bones. Now you can have both!