Women’s Hooded Black Lace



This Women’s Hooded Black Lace Up Robe is a great start to any costume or??dark arts uniform for that matter. Getting a job at Tania’s Thrifty Thirteen Potion Den? Wear this robe for your shift. Your??witch of a??boss (in a??good way) is sure to approve. After all, when you’re selling aged crones Eye of Newt you want to look like you know what you’re doing. Even if you don’t plan on working at a Magic Goods Supplier, you’ll still have plenty of uses for this black hooded robe.??Thinking of trying out vampirism? Don’t start drinking blood right away. That could make you sick and most people won’t approve. Just start dressing in that dark and lovely way first. This black robe with its oversized head and corset detailing is bloodsucker approved. You could also show up as a spooky spirit in that abandoned building in this outfit. Look at those long, full sleeves. They are perfect for hauntings! You could even get some chains to jangle as you’re scaring everyone out of their wits! See, this robe is going to be a lot of fun.??So, whatever you do in this outfit, it’s up??to you! No matter what, you’ll feel fabulous in this black dress. It has an angled, square neckline that’s topped with a hood. The upper sleeve is fitted with a wide sleeve. The waist is fitted with adjustable black satin ribbons. Top it off with off our sexy or spooky wigs and you can be whatever you want!