Womens Sexy Fallen Angel Costume



Heaven may be missing one of its angels, but we’re starting to think this one didn’t fall to earth by accident! If you need to stretch your wings and take a break from being a perfect little angel, slip into this Sexy Fallen Angel Costume, and show everyone that not all angels wear white robes and shiny halos when they party.We won’t lie, fluttering around in the clouds with all of the other angels sounds like a pretty sweet gig. There’s plenty of sunshine, you get to fly, and there’s an endless supply of harps to play. But, it also sounds like it could get dull, real quick, so taking a break to be a little bad from time to time seems perfectly reasonable. Nothing too bad; just a couple of naughty deeds here and there to spice things up. Maybe an overnight trip to Earth to hit up some dance clubs and flirt with the locals to help break up the monotony. As long as nobody gets hurt, what’s the worst that could happen? After all, is an angel really all that ???good??? if they can’t even think of a single wicked thing to do, or do they just need to get out more?Going out is what this saucy angel costume is all about! The dress features gothic patterned designs and jagged flared mesh sleeves to match the skirt’s hemline, giving you a mischievously seductive style. The included black feathery halo and costume wings add to your darkly angelic vibe, and be sure to add a pair of fierce black boots or heels to make this wicked look your own!