Top 5 loneliest occupations in China

In China, a country where the delivery services industry has been flourishing, couriers were voted as the loneliest occupation by 69.57 percent of the respondents involved in a survey conducted by, a major online marketplace operator, reported.

The delivery work is both heavy and dull as it requires couriers to run around every day, the report said.

Except for the moment when you hand the parcel to the client, you barely have time to communicate with anyone, a courier surnamed Liu told

Following courier, financial staff became the second loneliest occupation with 67.39 percent of the votes.

The report said the job, which is high stress and requires people to keep pace with changes in the industry at any time, can easily make people feel anxious and lonely.

Let”s take a look at the full list of the top five loneliest occupations in China.

No 5 New media operator

A 23-year-old new media operator working for a travel agency poses for a photo in her rental room in Wuhan, Hubei province, Aug 11, 2017. [Photo/IC]

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